Sideview of collection of Telly Award trophies taken in the VarnerMiller office.

Our Services

VarnerMiller offers full-service, interactive instructional design and development. Founded in 2000 by Lori Varner Miller, this innovative small company is based in beautiful Charleston, SC. VarnerMiller provides premium professional services to government and industry, nationwide and beyond. Our expertise lies in our ability to create learning programs that are tailor-made to suit our clients’ organizations and workforce.

Compilation of VarnerMiller Awards. From left to right, Hermes Creative Awards The Telly Awards, The International Davey Awards, The National Association of Government Communication Awards.


VarnerMiller has been presented with numerous awards for superior training and production.

Consistently applauded by clients for exceptional service and products, VarnerMiller has been awarded numerous Telly, Davey, Videographer, Hermes, and National Association of Government Communicators awards for superior training and production. Our instructional designers, multimedia specialists, videographers, programmers, and course developers have successfully created courses for agencies across the Federal government and industry.


We believe in immersing online and mobile learners in an interesting, engaging, and memorable learning experience so they’ll easily be able to apply the learned knowledge and behavior in a real-world setting. Putting our specialized training design model to work and allowing our creatives from the world of video, graphics, 3D, animation, gaming, and simulation to practice their craft, each elearning project is new opportunity to help our clients imagine the possibilities for their projects.

At VarnerMiller, we are committed to providing inclusive and accessible digital solutions. Our Section 508 Testing and Remediation services offer a comprehensive approach to ensure that your digital content is usable by individuals with disabilities, meeting the highest accessibility standards.

Although VarnerMiller is known for our award-winning interactive multimedia training, our training designers incorporate the same philosophy of making the learning experience engaging, interactive, and meaningful to classroom learners. Our classroom instructional training focuses on the student to provide as much opportunity for learner-facilitator interaction as possible. VarnerMiller is a true training solutions company. Through our thorough understanding of traing design, we are exceptional in the methodical creation of classroom training. Not just a process of developing PowerPoint slides and guides, VarnerMiller prepares classroom materials with the concept of learning while leading the learner through a unique classroom experience. If you are tired of the same old, hum-drum classroom experience, you need VarnerMiller.

Picture your classroom immersed in interactive activities. Imagine having students come to class with foundational knowledge and some practical exercise under their belt. We cross the normal classroom with the interactivity of elearning in such a way as to provide a new learning experience. Using micro-learning and the flipped classroom approach, your training programs can reach levels you never thought possible. We have produced this type of experience before and we can create it for you. Why settle for just a collection of graphic visuals and PowerPoint slide presentations? It’s your choice – choose VarnerMiller and see.

The classic definition of a workshop is a place in which one is provided the tools, techniques, and environment required to accomplish a goal or learn how to do something. We at VarnerMiller provide an environment in which your staff will have the tools and active learning experiences to acquire the knowledge and skills they need. Through our classroom workshop approach, we will set the learner on a path to a better understanding and practical application of the techniques being presented. We provide these experiences in the areas of writing, business, and management. If you have a workshop need, we have a solution.

Job Task Analysis – Front End Analysis – Needs Analysis. VarnerMiller specializes in learning and performance analysis to help you get to the root of what your workforce really needs. Our staff’s certification in peak performance training and optimizing human performance provides a solid basis for conducting analysis activities. Our approach to sorting the data provides exceptional interpretation and application of the collected information. We use the resulting information to develop performance learning objectives and associated training solutions.

Since our inception in 2000, we have been involved in the development of all types of documentation. Our ability to seek out data and information to develop quality content is founded in the same principles we use to develop instructional materials – we believe documentation should tell a story, inform, be useful and instructional to the reader. We can work with you to produce detailed documentation products such as: technical manuals, administrative manuals, corporate communications, data reports, software manuals, test programs, safety plans, fire plans, and much more.

Our Capabilities

VarnerMiller is the complete package when it comes to providing the best value to our clients. From sound instructional design concepts to the expertise in adult learning and student-centric techniques, to cinematographic video production and 3D animation assets, to creating an interactive and realistic experience for the learner, our professionals deliver superior service and products every time.


Front-End Analysis
Training Requirements Analysis
Human Performance Analysis
Job Task Analysis
Evaluation of Training Programs and Learning


Learning and Development Solutions

Instructional Design and Development
Rapid Learning Design to Meet Urgent Requirements
Instructor-Led Courseware and Delivery
Mobile App and mLearning Development
Multiple Levels of Interactivity
Section 508 and Accessibility
Custom Content
Educational Consultant Services
Adult Learning
Learner Centric Design, Development, and Delivery
Staff Augmentation and Subject Matter Expertise
Workshops and Seminars
Online Real Estate Courses and Mobile Applications

Human Capital and Organizational Performance

Human Performance Technology

Performance Management

Strategic Communications

Leadership Development and Coaching

Managing Learning Programs

Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Awareness and Transformation

Achieving High Performance in the Workplace

STAR Select Workshop – Finding STARs for Your Organization

Technical Writing and Communications

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Visual Communication and Creative Design

Graphic Design and Multimedia Development
Video and Audio Production
Motion Graphics
2D/3D Animation
Simulation and Gaming
Information Design
User Centered Interface Design

Accreditation Consulting

Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA)
American Council on Education (ACE) Accreditation
International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC)
Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO)

Program Management and Technical Services

Project Management

Documentation Development

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Agile Software Development

3D Gaming Solutions

3D Virtual World Environments


Our Performance Model

Using the VarnerMiller Performance Model, the conduct of evaluation is built in throughout the entire project – we do not wait until the end to evaluate the learning program. This assures our development team, as well as our clients, that the project will come out as expected…or better!


Circular diagram showing VarnerMiller Performance Model. Starting from top, clockwise; Evaluate, Analyze, Design, Develop, and Deliver.
VarnerMiller Performance Model: Evaluate, Analyze, Design, Develop, and Deliver.


An ongoing element in the VarnerMiller Performance Model is evaluation. A project begins with the outcome in mind, so it is critical to develop and execute an evaluation plan that covers the entire life cycle. Evaluating throughout the process provides the assurance that we create the most effective solution for our clients.


Through analysis, we identify the needs of our clients, stakeholders, and end users to ensure the project is firmly aligned with the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. Working closely with our client, we determine the performance needs and expectations; then identify gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes; and then we craft the best way to close the gap and bring expertise and excellence to the human performance aspect of an organization.


During the design phase, our professional instructional designers plan what the solution will look like and how it will work for the client when it is complete. Using the information developed through evaluation and analysis, we begin the instructional, technical, and creative process of design, seeking out the most appropriate means of achieving the project goals.


Now that we have the design thoroughly mapped, our instructional solutions begin to take on life as each element and asset is developed. Our custom designed training is always tailored to effectively communicate the content and accomplish maximum results for the user and their organization.


Different projects require different methods of implementation. Depending on our clients' capabilities and their intended use of the training, VarnerMiller instructional solutions can be delivered in a variety of media and deployment types. Ranging from the instructor led classroom to online training to mobile applications, our learning solutions can take your organization and performers to levels that truly do exceed your expectations.

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