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At VarnerMiller, we want to work with you to create the most engaging and effective training for your organization. With our capabilities and expertise ready, we are the ideal training solution to help your vision become a reality. Don’t yet have that vision? We are on it…our team will work with you to help define and achieve your training goals.

VarnerMiller is a premier instructional design and training development company that is the go-to firm for dynamic and compelling training solutions for your organization. VarnerMiller is an SBA certified Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) based in Charleston, SC. In business since 2000, we specialize in learning and performance analysis, planning, training design, development, delivery, evaluation, multimedia development, and video production for your training and corporate communications needs.

VarnerMiller is currently contracted to complete Section 508 Testing and Remediation of all USDA NRCS Courses. We are testing the courses to the rigorous standards of the DHS Office of Accessible Systems & Technology (OAST) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to ensure the accessibility and availability of these courses for all employees and public users. To learn more about our Section 508 Compliance Testing and Remediation services, see our Section 508 page. 

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Customized Training to Get the Job Done



We believe in immersing online and mobile learners in an interesting, engaging, and memorable learning experience so they’ll easily be able to apply the learned knowledge and behavior in a real-world setting. Putting our specialized training design model to work and allowing our creatives from the world of video, graphics, 3D, animation, gaming, and simulation to practice their craft, each eLearning project is a new opportunity to help our clients imagine the possibilities for their projects.



Although VarnerMiller is known for our award-winning interactive multimedia training, our training designers incorporate the same philosophy of making the learning experience engaging, interactive, and meaningful to classroom learners. Our classroom instructional training focuses on the student to provide as much opportunity for learner-facilitator interaction as possible. VarnerMiller is a true training solutions company. Through our thorough understanding of training design, we are exceptional in the methodical creation of classroom training. Not just a process of developing PowerPoint slides and guides, VarnerMiller prepares classroom materials with the concept of learning while leading the learner through a unique classroom experience. If you are tired of the same old, hum-drum classroom experience, you need VarnerMiller.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Picture your classroom immersed in interactive activities. Imagine having students come to class with foundational knowledge and some practical exercise under their belt. We cross the normal classroom with the interactivity of elearning in such a way as to provide a new learning experience. Using micro-learning and the flipped classroom approach, your training programs can reach levels you never thought possible. We have produced this type of experience before and we can create it for you. Why settle for just a collection of graphic visuals and PowerPoint slide presentations? It’s your choice - choose VarnerMiller and see.

Podium Speaker


The classic definition of a workshop is a place in which one is provided the tools, techniques, and environment required to accomplish a goal or learn how to do something. We at VarnerMiller provide an environment in which your staff will have the tools and active learning experiences to acquire the knowledge and skills they need. Through our classroom workshop approach, we will set the learner on a path to a better understanding and practical application of the techniques being presented. We provide these experiences in the areas of writing, business, and management. If you have a workshop need, we have a solution.

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At VarnerMiller, we’ve worked hard to provide a level of care that’s helped build lasting relationsips with all our clients.

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At the helm of VarnerMiller is Lori Miller, who has spent her career developing training, performing instructional design, and writing/producing business and technical/visual communications. After receiving her Master’s Degree from West Virginia University, Ms. Miller worked for several years managing training and documentation projects for corporate and government clients. Recognizing a need for effective technical training and documentation that engaged, motivated, and entertained the adult learning audience, Ms. Miller founded VarnerMiller in 2000. With the goal of providing unique and highly productive and valued specialized services to customers, VarnerMiller gained a reputation for creating training and documentation that exceeded customer expectations. Since VarnerMiller’s founding, Ms. Miller has been the driving force behind its success. After two decades in business, VarnerMiller has continued to acquire new clients and expand revenues under Ms. Miller’s leadership.